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We believe in the practical value of research.

Vulpes Pharmaceutical has a proven track record of performing basic pharmaceutical R&D and scaling our innovations up from lab studies all the way to manufacturing.

our mission

On-Demand R&D — Developing API and key intermediates according to your specific needs and pipeline.


Turnkey Manufacturing — Figuring out everything from supply chain, to manufacturing, and to logistics on your behalf.


Genuine Breakthrough — Making real innovations that other suppliers or manufacturers cannot.

OUR Products

Besides contract R&D and manufacturing, we have also made our own discoveries and we intend to bring those discoveries to the U.S. market. We are currently looking for partners for the following drugs.

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Rivaroxaban may fall of the patent cliff around 2024. We have our patent-pending processes to significantly bring down the cost of Rivaroxaban.
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Seizure Drug
Our extensive experience in seizure drug R&D led us to the discovery of a potentially new seizure drug at a significant cost advantage.
3 (Demo)
Seizure Drug
We are looking for partners in another direction for seizure control. This is less explored but we have made significant R&D breakthroughs.
history of Vulpes Pharmaceutical

Listed here is a select list of research & manufacturing breakthroughs made possible by Dihu Yu, his team, and his collaborators. Dihu Yu made those breakthroughs before he founded Vulpes Pharmaceutical.

2002: L-2-aminobutanamide hydrochloride
Dihu Yu & team first proposed using L-2-aminobutanamide hydrochloride as a key intermediate to Levetiracetam in 2002 and industrialized it for the first time ever.
Photo by freestocks.org
Photo by freestocks.org
2002: Flumethasone
Dihu Yu & team developed a patented technology (CN1250564C) that developed & used the electrophilic fluorinating agent 1-Chloromethyl-4-fluoro-1,4-diazoniabicyclo octane bis(Triflate) to manufacture Flumetasone.
2006: 9-hydroxy-4AD
Dihu Yu & team independently started research on 9-hydroxy-4AD in 2002, industrialized it in 2006 in China for the first time ever, and ended the then existing monopoly by Pfizer.
Photo by freestocks.org
Photo by freestocks.org
2008: Magnesium tert-butoxide
Dihu Yu & team industrialized Magnesium tert-butoxide for the first time in China, ended the then existing monopoly at the time, and significantly reduced the cost of PMPA.
2010: Lacosamide
Dihu Yu & team discovered a new resolving agent and the corresponding resolution method, discovered problems in the existing synthesis process and industrialized Lacosamide for the first time ever in China.
Photo by freestocks.org
Experienced Team

Vulpes Pharmaceutical consists of experienced executives and a full team of researchers and engineers.

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